Sometimes being curious is helpful. Since you found this message tweet @DiazRestaurant. "I found your #DiazRestaurant #SecretMealDeal!"
  • Upside down Chocolate Cake with Strawberry glaze
  • Upside down Chocolate Cake with Mango Glaze
  • Diaz Cheesecake
  • Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps
  • Tostones Supreme
  • Avocado crab
  • Diaz Lasagne
  • Just want to thank Diaz for opening at noon on Wednesday today March 19 for our group's birthday luncheon when you are normally not open at noon on Wednesday. very accommodating! ~ Mary

  • Wonderful anniversary meal, last night. Fresh veal, tender steak, caring service (pillow for my mom). Try it, you'll like it.